My name is Enzo de Villarrealand I’m a creator.

At the end of the day, I am my best product.
That’s why I work hard, to become my best self.

Go hard,
or go home.

1 – Who Am I?


I’m always alert and aware of even the smallest details around me. Situations, names, images… I pay close attention to my surroundings, trying to better understand the world around me.


I feel thrilled when learning new things, discovering my possibilities and testing how far I can push myself. Also, I’m a self-taught person, if I have nobody to ask, I don’t hesitate looking around for answers until I find the perfect solution.


As a result to my curiosity, I’ve explored different fields, theories and crafts. I try to always learn the best from each discipline, creating my own workflow where I can implement everything I’ve learnt along the way in a coherent and convenient way.

Thanks to this approach I get an interdisciplinar profile that helps me sort out a several different situations and adapt myself to shifting situations I might encounter.


I’m a creative person, but above all, I love to materialize my ideas, taking them one step further until they come into being.

Getting my hands dirty and work hard to see your projects shape up is one of the greatest satisfactions one can ever have.


I have a deep commitment with the work I do, putting all my effort and determination into getting the best results. I like to fully engage in the projects I start, and I don’t get frightened by the hard work needed to get the best results.


2 – How Did I Get Here?

Digital & Analog:

That point in which the best of each world meet, the union in between the real and ideal worlds, the tangible vs. the ethereal.

Almost without noticing, I’ve always been building bridges and crafting digital solutions in traditionally analog business: publishing houses, bookshops, photography studios…

And that is how, little by little, I’ve been specializing in working with hybrid models, focused on helping overcome the barriers the business confront everyday under the influence of new technologies.

Design Thinking:

As a creative person, I’ve always approached the problems in non conventional ways. Not as a defiant act, but as a natural part of my character.

One of the tasks I have always most enjoyed has been to improve the existent solutions: putting myself in the user’s shoes, learn their workflow and interactions with the products, has brought me the best results on every occasion. Getting to think as the user has shown me the needed answers to get products and tools that are not only easier to use, but an experience to remember.

Striving to be better:

I never assume anything, and I never settle for less. I thing that you have to always give your best, working with the same enthusiasm as a rookie, but applying the wisdom of someone who’s been doing his job for a while.

I always take something from all the projects I’ve embarked on: something it is techincal stuff, others is life wisdom. I’ve even gained lifelong friends that have been with me since then. For sure, it has always been something that has made me grow as a person.

You dream up places to go, but rarely end up there. However, those thoughts, the decisions made to accomplish your goals, forge the person you get to be.

Thus life teaches us that it’s not about the destination,
it’s about the journey.

3 – What I have to offer

What I have to offer
Well, there’s a lot
Now I’m a modest man
But look at all I got
And you know
I’m all
full of love
For you
What I have to offer – Eels


Personal Info

Full Name Enzo de Villarreal
Birthday 12th March 1989
Address Calle de Covarrubias, 24. 5º Derecha Interior.
Madrid, 28010 – Madrid, Spain
Phone Number 639 884 976


Universidad Complutense de Madrid
2007 – 2012
Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
& Escuela CES
2010 – 2011
MA Fashion and Advertising Photography
Summa Cum Laude
Neoland2017 UX/UI Design


English2008 C1 Level
Cambridge ESOL Level 2 Certificate in ESOL International – Certificate in Advanced English
French B1 Level
Student exchanges with a High School in Normandy

Professional Experience

Dr. Livingstone, supongoSeptember 2017 – Present Digital Product Manager. Managing digital projects such as e-commerce, websites or online services. In charge of design and develop team building bridges in between both.
Alan PhotostudioSeptember 2013 – August 2017 New business & Digital Marketing. Head of ecommerce, brand identity and digital presence. Project manager in charge of developing and workflows in-house and for customers. Budget planning.
Bookworld España & TekbooksNovember 2010 – May 2013 Head of Artwork Department. In charge of offline and online design, redefining and streamlining online sales.
Bookworld EspañaJune 2009 – May 2013 Salesman & Bookseller. Assisting customers when buying books in english, and supervising stock and IT infrastructure.
Ediciones DesnivelFebruary 2007 – January 2008 Design Internship & Layout Design. Taking care of promotional material and ads for in-house publishing as well as external mediums.


Windows Advanced control of Microsoft’s Operative System
macOS macOS Power User. Advanced control of Apple’s Operative System.
Linux Advanced control of Ubuntu and other debian-derived distros. Proficient terminal user.
Adobe Creative Cloud Advanced control of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign
HTML, PHP, CSS & jQuery Huge experience in front-end design, using the latest techniques in HTML, PHP and CSS as well as jQuery and JavaScript.
Python Basic knowledge of python programming. Mainly focused in Raspberry Pi development.


Sports Love sports, federated in the spanish federation of orienteering (FEDO) and bike lover.
Culture I enjoy good TV series, as well as a good book. Try to read as often as I can.
Technology I’m fascinated by new technologies and design around them. I try to keep myself informed of the latest news following several international mediums.